A downloadable broken child for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I would tell you the controls but the game is unplayable right now.  It doesn't actually launch right now.  it's not very fun right now and was made mostly outside of jam time.

In the far future...
"A Lot of Complaints" have been filed against the local werewolf who has been wreaking havoc on the village for months. Town Hall has decided to have everyone who filed a complaint be allowed to fight the werewolf in the stadium. Unfortunately for you, you happen to be that werewolf. Quite the spectical, isn't it?


Post Jam Hotifx #2 209 MB
Post Jam Hotifx #2 214 MB
Post Jam Hotifx #2 37 MB


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Please inform me when it's playable and sexy fun, i'm very interested o3o

I think the latest build sort of works.